Strong-Skilled-Smart: VALUABLE Fitness Business Development

What kind of VALUE does Strong-Skilled-Smart offer to fitness pros?


If you were to spend the next six months preparing to launch your fitness business, you’d need a lot of help: accountants, lawyers, marketing pros, and PR people just to name a few.  But the chances of finding those professionals who also have expertise in the fitness industry is very low.

Strong-Skilled-Smart has packaged the essentials of launching a fitness business and laid it out in an easy-to-follow format.  This saves you time– no need to go to business conferences if you don’t want to– and energy– no need to search around the internet forever trying to find a reliable source.

Instead, in Strong-Skilled-Smart you receive an incredible VALUE:

Six weeks of guided instruction by a successful fitness entrepreneur, including written exercises (and personal feedback) that translate the video lectures specifically to YOUR goals

What would just a few of the specific components of Strong-Skilled-Smart cost if you had to purchase them individually?

Business coaching for writing a business plan– VALUE $250

Three 30-minute one-on-one phone calls with Karen to ensure your progress and make certain your working toward YOUR dream business– VALUE $120

Spreadsheets tailored to fitness businesses for easy basic bookkeeping– VALUE $100

Examples of waivers that you can use in your gym or studio–VALUE $250

Record keeping forms to track client progress– VALUE $150

Actual promotional copy used to build a fitness business press kit– VALUE $250

Marketing techniques that will allow you to ask for and get the pay rate you deserve!– VALUE $200


I do not offer the components of Strong-Skilled-Smart a la carte.

The only way to gain access to the videos, worksheets, bookkeeping forms, client intake forms, press kit, and marketing strategies is to enroll in Strong-Skilled-Smart.

The total value of just these few components of Strong-Skilled-Smart is nearly $1500, but for the Initial Offer the ENTIRE PROGRAM is only $499.

This is also the ONLY OFFERING of Strong-Skilled-Smart for 2013!  Get in NOW to get your business set up in time to launch and take advantage of the New Year’s Resolution fitness boom!

REGISTER NOW for the September 30th kickoff of Strong-Skilled-Smart, and let me EQUIP you for success!