Strong-Skilled-Smart FAQs

Let me answer some FAQs about Strong-Skilled-Smart, EQUIP’s signature business development program for fitness professionals.

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What if I haven’t finished my fitness certification yet? Can I still enroll in Strong-Skilled-Smart?

Yes!  In fact, Strong-Skilled-Smart can get your new career off to a great start.  You’ll have the business side of your preparation in good shape when you complete your certification.

If I have my fitness certification, why do I need Strong-Skilled-Smart?

Let’s be clear– Strong-Skilled-Smart is a business development program for fitness professionals.  That means you won’t be told how to train or what methods of training are best.  Rather, it is a program that helps you identify your ideal client, understand how to market to her/him, keep clear records for both training and finances, and grow your independent business in a crowded marketplace.  Make sure you read the Strong-Skilled-Smart Program Overview to understand what you’ll learn in the program and how it benefits personal trainers, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, and other types of fitness pros.

I’m only planning on having a part-time fitness business.  Do I still need Strong-Skilled-Smart?

Absolutely!  Regardless of whether you want to work full-time or part-time, Strong-Skilled-Smart teaches you business development skills that are the same for any size business.  If you want to grow your fitness business later, Strong-Skilled-Smart lays a fantastic foundation.

I have *no clue* about business.  Can I really be a successful entrepreneur?

Definitely!  It’s a lot of work, but if helping others be fit and well is your passion, the Strong-Skilled-Smart leads you through each step of the business start-up process.

I’m already working for myself as a fitness pro.  What can I gain from Strong-Skilled-Smart?

Strong-Skilled-Smart is a business development program to teach you how to run your business with greater efficiency.  Just like a good exercise program, Strong-Skilled-Smart will help you gain results by working smarter, not harder.  Spend less time on the business side of your business and more time out making money with your clients.

I have another job, but I’ve been thinking of becoming my own boss.  How much time does Strong-Skilled-Smart take?

The program itself is six weeks.  The first three weeks focus on laying the foundation of your business.  During this time, you’ll have eight written exercises to do– some of them may take you 10 minutes, but others will take an hour or more.  On average, you should expect to devote 8-10 hours per week for the first three weeks of the program.  In the fourth and fifth weeks, there are fewer written exercises, so you can expect to spend 5 hours on Strong-Skilled-Smart.  In the sixth week, we’ll be wrapping up what you’ve learned and putting it into reality– another 10 hours of hard work is a reasonable expectation.

If that sounds like a lot of time, think about what you gain: In about an hour a day for SIX WEEKS, you can bring your dreams to life.

Is it really possible to launch a fitness business in just six weeks?

Yes.  There is work involved, but it’s doable.  Even for someone with no business skills.  You just have to be committed to doing the work.  (Just like getting fit!)

Who are you, and why should I believe that Strong-Skilled-Smart will teach me what I need to know?

Hi!  I’m Karen Shopoff Rooff!  I have owned and operated Balance Personal Fitness Training for more than five years.   I came into the fitness industry as a second career after teaching college.  I want to share with you my experience from actually launching and running and growing an independent fitness business.  You see, I’m a teacher at heart.  In Strong-Skilled-Smart, I have taken all of the most important points of fitness business development and organized them into a meaningful and logical program.  I’ll be there with you, step-by-step to help you move from your dream of being your own boss to reality.

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