Strong Skilled Smart — Program Overview

Interested in the idea of a program that leads you through the steps to start your own independent fitness business? Let me show you everything you get with EQUIP’s Strong-Skilled-Smart program.

  • Six weeks of guided instruction
  • Short video lectures that can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere you have internet access
  • Written exercises that link the video lectures specifically to YOUR goals
  • Direct, personal feedback on your written exercises
  • Three 30-minute one-on-one phone calls with Karen to ensure your progress and make certain your working toward YOUR dream business
  • Access to a private Facebook community for support and Q&A
  • Spreadsheets tailored to fitness businesses for easy basic bookkeeping
  • Examples of waivers that you can use in your gym or studio
  • Record keeping forms to track client progress
  • Marketing techniques that will allow you to ask for and get the pay rate you deserve!
  • Actual promotional copy used to build a fitness business– no need to write your own
  • How to use different platforms for advertising– social media, networking, paid media– to attract your ideal client

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Over six weeks, you’ll work your way through three modules.

MODULE 1: Strong

We begin with the strategy module, which will build a strong foundation for your success. This module is delivered in three information-packed videos, one for each of the first three weeks of the Strong-Skilled-Smart Program.

In this module you will:

  • articulate your vision for your fitness biz
  • identify your ideal client
  • determine your niche market
  • understand the reality of your dream
  • plan for your start up and operational expenses
  • survey your competition
  • set your prices
  • project your annual income & expenses
  • write a complete business plan.

That means in just three weeks you will have a clear pathway to profitability!


We’ll engage in the key exercise necessary to get your ideal client paying the rate you deserve.

Three easy-to-avoid (if you know what they are!) mistakes that will keep you from success.


MODULE 2: Skilled

This module teaches you the practical skill of how to assess, train, and retain each client who hires you. This module is delivered in one part made up of three videos and written exercises.

In this module you will:

  • learn the importance of compassionate client intake 
  • understand why charging for your consultation is good for you and your client
  • receive the TEN  forms used for managing client behavior and tracking progress
  • how to conduct a concise but important fitness assessment
  • why incorporating goal-setting strategies into your client’s programs is key for your business success
  • define the scope of your professional practice and communicate it clearly to your clients
  • discover motivational techniques to keep your clients engaged
  • practice tracking a client through a multi-month program
  • set boundaries that let you do work you love– and still have a life!


Learn to ask the one question that clients say kept them coming back for more training.

We’ll discuss FIVE WAYS your existing clients would love to help you grow your business.


Module 3: Smart

This module is all about smart business promotion– marketing your services in a savvy way to maximize effort & resources.  In this one-week module, you’ll receive two videos outlining practical strategies of promoting your fitness business

In this module you will:

  • practice introducing yourself so everyone you meet knows about your business– without sounding cheesy
  • start with your existing network of friends and family to build a business around your ideal client
  • build a referral network with experts in your community
  • learn how to use social media to promote your business, even with a $0 budget
  • increase your credibility through free public relations media placements
  • draft a press kit– example copy provided for you to tailor to your business
  • understand the power of planning and synching with the marketing cycle


Discover your authentic voice for promoting your business– one of the keys to attracting your ideal client.

How writing a marketing plan can keep you focused and working with ease while maximizing promotional outreach.


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