Have you been working in a gym but always dreamed of doing your own thing?  Are you wondering why the gym makes more money off of your work than you do?

Maybe you have a fitness certification but can’t figure out if you want to work in a gym or do your own thing.

Or maybe you’re just a fitness junkie who would love to know how to get paid for doing what you love.

Are any of those people you?

Yes, but starting your own business seems overwhelming.

That’s why I’m here to help.  I’ll EQUIP you with the tools you need to take control of your professional life.

Anyone with an interest in fitness can follow the Strong-Skilled-Smart program.  Whether you are a personal trainer, pilates instructor, yogi, or a fitness enthusiast knows you can lead an inspiring, challenging class, you’ll finish the program ready to share your passion and skills with a paying clientele.

Just like in training, we’ll build a strong foundation so you can achieve maximum gains.  I’ll EQUIP you with the business knowledge you need– adding your hard work and experience leads you to professional success.

If you want to work smarter not harder, the Strong-Skilled-Smart program is for you.  In just six weeks, you’ll be on your way, confidently putting your business plan into action.

Let me teach you the step-by-step method to build a lean and efficient business so you can focus on what you love and are great at—motivating people to lead a more fit & healthy life!

You work hard so others can achieve their goals– let me help you reach yours!

Read on for the Strong-Skilled-Smart program overview…