Like many of you, my path to personal training hasn’t been a direct one.  While I was in my twenties, I was a college professor by day and a competitive runner by night. I learned that I loved the camaraderie of runners—folks like me who were excited about being fit and healthy and testing the limits of the human body.

I also loved studying the science of training, cycling, and peaking.  As a bookish person, I was immediately drawn to the logic and planning involved in exercise program design.

After ten years of training my friends and family for free, I realized I had a skill people value.  I earned my Personal Trainer certification and Pre-/Post-natal Fitness Specialist certification, and in 2008 I founded Balance Personal Fitness Training.

Working as an independent personal trainer has allowed me to be an educator to my clients, sharing my passion for health and wellness. But when I started down the path of fitness entrepreneurship, I found that my business acumen was lacking.

Even with a working knowledge of business plans, marketing strategies, and client satisfaction studies, I had to admit that the nuts-and-bolts involved in starting my own business didn’t really hold my attention.  It all seemed so cumbersome.

Wasn’t there a way to plug-and-chug through the paperwork quickly so I could just get on with the actual personal training?

Well here it is!

Knowing that many fitness entrepreneurs—even the best educated and most passionate—could use a little direction on the business side of things, I drew from my teaching experience and entrepreneurial journey to create an easy-to-follow four-phase business development program to EQUIP other fitness professionals for success.

The strong-skilled-smart program is lean and efficient, inspired by the method I use to train and the goal for my clients.  My philosophy is about balance—streamlining the business side of things so that you can work as little or as much as you want with the greatest return possible.

In just six focused weeks, you will be ready to launch your own independent fitness business.

You’ll have the knowledge that you’ve done the prep work necessary to be a success.

You’ll have the tools to operate in a streamlined fashion.

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence to know that what you offer is a valuable service that people want.

Let me EQUIP you as you become a strong, skilled, smart fitness professional!