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Workshops in the New Year: Potential Topics

In the last EQUIP blog post, I introduced a few ideas about offering workshops as a way of expanding your service offerings and boosting your attendance and income.

Today I want to think about different workshops that you can offer.  As I mentioned in the last post, start with the expertise of you and your staff as a starting point. Never ignore the obvious!  All of the things you know can be laid out in a simple, straightforward way and presented to your clients.  Being mindful of how to apply this information within the realities of ‘real people’ is the secret to a successful workshop.

Other than your expertise, what other workshops can you offer?  Let’s brainstorm.

Here’s an exercise for you to do:

  • List all of the equipment you use regularly with your clients.  
  • Write down the five questions you get asked the most frequently.
  • What are the limiting factors (reasons why people don’t do things) of potential clients?
  • What are five must-have gadgets or new fitness technology?
  • List the common fitness goals of your clients.

This brainstorming should give you a nice long list of topics that you could flesh out into workshops.  We’ll talk more in the next EQUIP blog post about how to choose a format for your workshops.

How can I EQUIP you for success?

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