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Workshops in the New Year: Overview

A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to think about your service offerings and think about ways you could grow your business.  One of the things I suggested was offering short workshops as a special service.

Let’s think a little bit more about why workshops can be a great addition to your business.

Workshops leverage what you already know.  Use your expertise or that of your employees to brainstorm potential topics for workshops.  (More about workshop topics later this week!)  There is no need to reinvent the wheel– if your specialty is running, you could program several useful workshops just by organizing your information and experience.  Remember that your participants don’t have the same level of knowledge you do– that may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget and causes people to often underestimate the value they bring to clients.

Workshops can be programmed around equipment and offerings you already have.  There’s no need for workshops to be a cost center for your business.  Rather, use your regular equipment to think about how you can build an in-depth lesson about how to use it and the benefits it offers.  You can also hold beginner level workshops about your class offerings– you’ll likely find that you’ll attract clients who have been wanting to go to these classes but are intimidated.  By offering a workshop, you get the income from that event as well as a residual bump in class attendance.

Workshops work with your planning calendar.  Use workshops to fill in the slow times in your year as a way of creating excitement and building attendance.  You can also use workshops to capture the enthusiasm that comes at the New Year.  (That’s why we’re thinking about it now!)   You can even program workshops to lead up to big community events or races that are important to your clients.


We’ll continue thinking about how workshops can boost your business over the next few blog posts.  Stay tuned!


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