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New Offerings: Leveraging Your Current Client Base




By now, you’ve spent some time thinking about the latest fitness trends and determined how you can expand your service offerings.  In the last EQUIP blog post, I discussed starting with what you have vis-a-vis equipment.  Today I want you to think about starting with what you have vis-a-vis clients.

The clients who already pay you for your expertise are exactly the right people to start with when you introduce new offerings.  They already know and trust you.  If you did a good job collecting client feedback and have made changes based on what your market wants, your existing client base will be receptive to your new offerings.

That said, you still have to market your new offerings to get take up.  Here are some ways to use your existing clients to build up a following of your new service:

  • offer a free trial class to existing clients
  • promote bring a friend for free
  • offer a discount to existing clients for referrals to new clients/participants
  • advertise a reward for the person who brings in the most new participants

Just a note about the last idea: for this to work, you have to be giving away something big.  Run your numbers, but you may find that if an existing client can bring in 5 friends for a class series or group training session package, it may be worth your while to give them a reward like six-months of free membership or ten personal training sessions.  The bigger the reward, the more people you’ll have competing to win it.

In the end, though, you win.

Your hard work and professional reputation have just earned you a client base that is referring more business your way.  And when you have a new offering to promote, you may as well capitalize on the enthusiasm of your regular clients to spread the word for you.

How can I EQUIP you for success?

P.S.  It’s a good time to go back and read the blog post about converting a group exercise participant into a personal training client.  Work smarter, not harder!

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